KeplerSwap’s DeFi2.0 & SPACE

KeplerSwap SPACE a new innovation of KeplerSwap where users vote for community governance, while users can create SPACE and receive additional rewards to complete the basic concept of decentralized finance here.

SPACE is a function that helps to build bridges among users by encouraging users to participate in referral program and other SPACE activities. It helps to build relationships among other KeplerSwap users thereby strengthening the community. Users can join SPACE by creating their own SPACE or by joining other users' SPACE. Users can create their own KeplerSwap SPACE and receive additional rewards!

KeplerSwap is positioned to make investment and trading very easy as an explorer of DeFi 2.0

More than ever, everyone is able to exchange EOS-related assets on the platform through the decentralized exchange protocol which is based on EOS public blockchain. Transaction fees are almost returned to users directly. Encouraging more users to provide liquidity on the platform that boosts the development of ecology. Encouraging users in liquidity market making and rewarding outstanding liquidity providers with attractive prizes. KeplerSwap adopts an invitation system. Invitee is linked to the iviter and cannot be disconnected. SPACE enhances users' relationships and multiplies users interests. Through SPACE, we advocate promoting decentralized autonomy. Providing popular cryptocurrency pairs such as BTC/ETH/LTC, etc. Supporting various assets exchange on mainstream public blockchains. KeplerSwap will upload our core product on various public blockchains. keplerSwap will determine a protocol agreement for those independent public blockchain links Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance, etc.

This enables interactions between different blockchains. After the online KeplerSwap platform coin, all liquidity market making revenue will be distributed in the form of tokens. As an explorer of DeFi 2.0, KeplerSwap aims to make the platform the most open and innovative decentralized ecosystem.KeplerSwap will attract global geeks to jointly conceive technological innovations and bring greater imagination to decentralized finance.

KeplerSwap Roadmap:

2017 Q2 — — The idea of KeplerSwap was raised.

2018 & 2019 — — Developing Technology Logic and Business Models.

2020 Q4 — — KeplerSwap team formation and project initiation.

2021 Q1 — — Incorporation of KEPLER-22 FOUNDATION LIMITED.

2021 Q2 — — DApp Trial Running; Officially Launching KeplerSwap; SDS token issuance.

2021 Q3 & Q4 — — Launching Multi-chain Product & Platform Token; Opening Coin Listing.

2022 Q1 — — All types of token can be listed on our platform.

2022 Q2 — — Public Blockchain Development.

Digital currency is projected to be the highest liquidity medium of exchange, decentralized Finance will be the most effective framework for digital finance, KeplerSwap is the most efficient platform for DeFi.

The concept of DeFi was raised in 2018. Since then, technologies based on DeFi have been invented such as infrastructure development, assets, collateral, stablecoins, data services, payments, lending, DEX, derivatives, insurance, and other forms of services.

In 2018, the market value of DeFi was only US$6 million. In 2019, the TVL(TVL, Total Value Locked)of DeFi has risen from US$275 million to US$650 million. At the end of 2020, the TVL in Ethereum eco-system reached a historic high of US$13 billion. Then at the end of May, 2021, the TVL reached nearly US$140 billion.

Then from 2018 to 2020, the development of DeFi is in a status of DeFi1.0 stage. Even though KeplerSwap and CherrySwap as the representatives of DeFi2.0 started to show their advantages in 2021, KeplerSwap is not born in 2021. From KeplerSwap’s white paper, we can find out that the concept of KeplerSwap was raised in 2017, which is the same time period when DeFi 1.0 was invented.

KeplerSwap’s concept is raised from DeFi, but is also on a higher level of DeFi. It created a brand new ecology of DeFi 2.0 based on DeFi 1.0. KeplerSwap as the explorer of Defi 2.0, is the smart contract based on Binance smart chain (BSC) and is working on realizing multi-chain and cross-chain aggregation. Meanwhile, KeplerSwap is the first decentralized exchange under DeFi2.0 structure. Besides having full access to DeFi 1.0 services, KeplerSwap also provides other services such as referral program, SPACE, Lucky Pool etc., which solves many issues that Defi 1.0 has disregarded.

KeplerSwap is building a brand new platform to break the traditional way of trading. It is creating a new trading form, concept, and ecology. The decentralized financial ecosystem of Kepler, is a huge, unprecedented ecosystem. It builds a new DeFi eco-system along with fairness and reliability.

In the KeplerSwap team’s concept, it is hoped that the current living environment of the planet can be moved to Kepler and transformed to a better living environment. KeplerSwap hopes that Kepler can be the next most suitable living planet for human beings. This indicates the birth of a new human civilization, which has no pollution, war, limitation, centralization and injustice.

KeplerSwap is a professional decentralized trading platform that is built on blockchain technology. Under a Decentralized Market Agreement, it provides participants with a comprehensive solution to identity security, asset security and autonomous trading on a combination of blockchains.

Lucky enough, KeplerSwap is built based on DeFi, which is the area where the team’s dreams can be realized natively, and the Kepler team is racing towards Planet KEPLER with full of hope.

KeplerSwap by all measures will be the greatest DeFi system in the world. It will build up a brand new DeFi ecology in a more reasonable and a more reliable way. Together, we create a world of opportunities.

Open up your eyes to the new crypto world of KeplerSwap.

Early participants are more liable to gain higher!

Get started today; follow us for more upcoming updates!





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A Creative Designer who deploys solution based approach to problem solving.

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Jude Oriko Ezechizi

Jude Oriko Ezechizi

A Creative Designer who deploys solution based approach to problem solving.

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