KeplerSwap SPACE Creation

SPACE as it were, is one of the two innovative features of KeplerSwap; SPACE is the cornerstone of the entire eco-building. All participants of the ecology will join the SPACE ecology, become SPACE owners or join other SPACEs. At the same time, active SPACEs have more right to speak in the whole ecological construction. In the future, SPACE owners are free to propose and initiate resolutions to vote, SPACE members can participate in exercising their voting rights actively, and ecological development is decided by all members together, truly realizing the concept of Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO).

KeplerSwap SPACE is a unique feature that connects users by encouraging users to participate in the referral program and other space events. A user is regarded as a space creator and become a space owner when he ticked boxes below successfully;

· Users must be a holder of SDS (SDS is the Keplerswap native token).

· User must be a liquidity provider (value must be locked for 12 months on KeplerSwap),

· Users must have successfully invited a required amount of new users.

What KeplerSwap Is //

KeplerSwap is the smart contract based on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) which works on creating multi-chain and cross-chain integration. KeplerSwap is the first decentralized exchange under the DeFi 2.0 system. KeplerSwap services also include -referral program, -SPACE, -Lucky pool etc.

Listed here are the benefits of SPACE include but not limited to these;

Any SDS holder that joins the SPACE has the right to vote in the SPACE. -The reward is shared fairly among the Top 20 SPACE owners with the highest number of votes -The reward earned by the user can be claimed at any time. -Users across the ecosystem also reap huge rewards. -There is transparency and openness and no risk is involved in the ecology of the market.

Procedure for SPACE Creation the SPACE creation requires 100 LP locked for 360 days.

For liquidity provision USDT is needed as well as SDS

Follow the steps below;

1. Enter

2. Go to Liquidity

3. Enter the amount of SDS you want to LP.

4. Scroll down and click on lock and choose the 360 days lock period.

5. Click on the Add LP icon.

6. Approve transactions on your wallet (gas fee is around 0.0004). Done!!! You are good to go. To keep a track on progress about your LP status go to the Liquidity Pool page and scroll down. It shows your pooled USDT and SDS as well as your LP level and remaining time for unlocking.

Creating a SPACE is as simple it comes;

1. Go to the drop down icon and click on SPACE.

2. Click on create SPACE and enter the required information which include SPACE name, declaration and telegram group.

3. Click Create SPACE.

4. Approve transactions on your wallet. Done!!! And there you have it. Populate your SPACE with as many members as you can. And for those that might not want to create SPACE, they can join SPACE already created.

KeplerSwap brought something unique and that is DeFi 2.0.

Early participants are more liable to gain higher!

Get started today; follow us for more upcoming updates!





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