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KeplerSwap DAPP Functions

A decentralized application is similar to a mobile app that we use. The only difference is that the app is centralized, whereas DApp is decentralized. If you want to decentralize something, it has to be built on a blockchain.

So, a blockchain is a public distributed ledger of information where all vital data is stored as databases. The distributed ledger is layered by cryptographic protection, making it end-to-end encrypted. DApps are not just regular apps; they’re built on Ethereum’s blockchain, making them superior to the rest.

There is a vast range of opportunities in the field of blockchain for business. DApps are a solution for greater transparency, security, and efficiency. Now that you’ve understood the concept of DApps and their use cases, you would be curious to know how they’re developed.

KeplerSwap DApp system shows a Sacramento green user interface feature. As popularly known, green depicts balance, calmness, fertility, nurturing, growth, reliability, safety, adaptability, finance, endurance, loyalty, harmony, vitality, freshness etc. All these and many more are what the Planet entails as a whole.

1. Accessing the DEx system of KeplerSwap Home Page shows a brief introduction to DeFi 2.0 Explorer stating "KeplerSwap aims to build the next generation of financial ecosystem", which is exactly what KeplerSwap is bringing to the crypto space in general.
2. Next, is the Liquidity Pool value with a breakdown of the total amount of each token contributing to the overall pool. This is followed by the ARR on each of the four Lock Periods of the liquidity pool i.e. no lock, 30-day lock, 90-day lock and 360-day lock periods. Last one this page is the USDT:SDS trend price chart with time intervals of 1min, 15 mins, 1 hr, 4 hr and 1 day price movement.
3. The Swap page is after the Home page, and the topmost part shows a settings icon for adjusting slippage level for swapping. Below this are two icons. One is for swapping and the other is for Liquidity Providing. Below this is the swapping interface for Swap. For Liquidity, there we have the liquidity addition interface and the progress of one's locked liquidity assets.
4. Next, is the Pool page which I refer to as "Collect Zone". This has three icons horizontally with their reward amount and Collect icon below each. The three icons are Relative, Mining and Trading.
5. The next page is Relation which shows information of referrals and pooled rewards.
6. Then, we have LUCKYPOOL page. This shows the quantity of tokens in the LUCKYPOOL and a Collect icon below it.
7. The SPACE page. This page shows a voting and counting period progress and SDS amount available. Three icons viz Hot, Weighed and Vote comes after this and a search box for the address that has created SPACE. Below this are all the available SPACEs and details about them.
8. The last page is the Referral page where you can get your referral link.

Early participants are more liable to gain higher!

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