How Keplerswap Is Leading In Crypto Development Trends

The crypto world has experienced a huge stride in developments, and more than ever before this is like they would say “a beautiful moment to be alive to witness, explore, work, invest and immerse yourself in crypto world. Open finance is leading a campaign to replace the traditional system. With each morning getting brighter and brighter accompanied by its time saving and cost benefits, it also lowers the barriers thereby providing accessibility, higher transparency and account auditable.

How Is Defi Eating Up Traditional Finance? //
DeFi’s philosophy is based on the strong belief that “DeFi will eat traditional finance during the next decade”. In an era where control of users' data and digital activity might be a liability, DeFi will be able to provide much better products and services at scale than traditional finance”

Keplerswap’s New Financial Instruments //
The DeFi landscape currently has great lending, borrowing, options, perpetuals, and ETF protocols and KeplerSwap is just seeing a new wave of how these existing protocols are being uniquely combined to create newer instruments.
There are innumerable projects being started in the space and it is relevant to note some upcoming concepts which will shine in the coming years.

The Following Four Trends Are Worth Noting:
1. The Ownership Economy (NFTs)
2. Rise of On-Chain Activity (Social Tokens)
3. Governance at Scale — Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs)
4. Advancements in Computing (SPACE by KeplerSwap)

The Ownership Economy; Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)
NFTs are digital tokens that have unique properties. Each minted token has a special ID that cannot change over the course of its existence, and any arbitrary data can be attached to the token which cannot be modified in the future. Creators, developers, and artists are playing with these tokens.

Standardized specs allow for storing information which makes it possible to turn a token into a read-only file.
The tremendous benefit the digital age brings to the world is the fact that the cost to replicate digital content is negligible. One can copy an image, article, audio, and video on the computer such that it becomes impossible to tell the original from the copy. This, of course, is challenging for many industries as distributing their content invites a flood of piracy. Having attribution for physical and rare goods becomes problematic to offer digitally. Blockchain enables this and allows information to exist exactly once.

This unlocks a lot of doors for interesting cases: such as links, paragraphs, images, gifs and code inside a contract and mint it as NFT.
The blockchain technology ensures that each transaction is openly traceable and duplicate copies of that information cannot exist. Therefore, digital art, video, music, essays, legal contracts can be transacted with the introduction of smart contracts with complete confidence with custom codes and rules added to the tokens. This, by the way, is still consistent with applications in the broader crypto ecosystem, and NFTs fit nicely with existing DeFi primitives.
This is a defining moment in the history of empowering creators, and ultimately, NFTs are finally empowering creators with an alternate choice to define how they benefit off their work, on their own terms.

Social Tokens //
Social tokens are usually minted by individuals or owners of different communities and empower the creators to design and reward their direct and biggest fans in imaginative ways. Web3 addresses will keep the underlying platform the same for all creators and fans by opening access to specific experiences for all token holders.

As an example, a musician can choose to mint 20M tokens and give 10 tokens each to 1M of their fans. They can have full creative freedom over how the initial distribution happens and can easily leverage any existing medium to distribute the tokens to their fanbase. The rules can be arbitrary and unique to each individual, and the blockchain automatically enforces, verifies, authenticates, and unlocks access to any content, in turn boosting the engagement with the underlying community.
Just as NFTs are tokenizing media content, social tokens will monetize time and engagement with entire communities.

Governance at Scale; Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs)
This is tantamount to creating a company and deploying a code and automatically gets payroll, accounting, board of directors, charter, and financial management setup. This is encouraging a wave of companies existing only on a software layer which facilitates an entirely functional bank which can be represented with only a few lines of code. The code will embody the definition of the organization with a representation of rules that a group of people mutually agree on with the added ability to modify them should social consensus change. DAOs enables such organizations to exist.

One can write specific rules in a system and ensures that the goals of a project are separated from the politics or hierarchy of an organization. This includes writing conditions that manage everything from voter rights to dividend disbursements, to auditing; all these layers that have lived on top of existing organizations can now be merged directly into the lowermost layer that defines that very same organization.

This will give rise to decentralized projects converting their treasury into a DAO, allowing the company to optimize for longevity of their protocol. We can imagine hundreds of unique use cases spanning anywhere from automatic board decisions to real-time vesting. Not only is this exciting because of all the newer workflow possibilities of working in an organization, this model also uniquely enables companies to exist beyond geographic jurisdictions and for the first time allows pseudonymous individuals to participate. DAOs will become very common in the future, and it would be not strange to invest directly in a DAO via crypto instead of a legal entity.

Active Participation; SPACE by KeplerSwap
Projects in this ecosystem are behaving more like communities. Protocols are intentionally being designed to allow as many users as possible to voice their opinions on the direction of product development.
As one of the two innovative features of KeplerSwap, SPACE is the cornerstone of the entire eco-building. All participants of the ecology will join the SPACE ecology, become SPACE owners, or join other SPACEs. At the same time, active SPACE has more right to speak in the whole ecological construction. SPACE owners are free to propose and initiate resolutions to vote, SPACE members can participate in exercising their voting rights actively, and the ecological development is decided by all members together. This will truly realize the concept of Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO).
The way forward to organize decentralized global communities will also help to test and improve economic theories and change how economies with multiple actors behave.

According to KeplerSwap’s White Paper, users can invite more users to join the community promotion on their own willingness in order to provide more support for ecological construction. SPACE is a function that helps to build bridges among users by encouraging users to participate in Referral Program and other SPACE activities. This also helps in expanding user’s benefit and building a decentralized autonomous community. As we can foresee, SPACE is a function that helps to build bridges among users.
KeplerSwap helps to build bridges among users.

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A Creative Designer who deploys solution based approach to problem solving.

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Jude Oriko Ezechizi

Jude Oriko Ezechizi

A Creative Designer who deploys solution based approach to problem solving.

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